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Candid Conversation with a Black Businessman: 7 Myths of Racial Equity

Candid Conversation with a Black Businessman: 7 Myths of Racial Equity

As we are deep into this moment of civil unrest over systemic racism, Dr. Randal Pinkett, co-founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, and co-author of Black Faces in White Places and the forthcoming Black Faces in White Places, offers his advice as a Black businessperson to other business people and in particular, white professionals. This is his advice to individual contributors, managers, executives and leaders on how to answer the question, “Where do we go from here?” Now that you’ve released your “statement” (or are debating whether to release a statement), and held your Town Hall, and articulated your commitment to racial equity, Dr. Pinkett offers his insights, and recommendations of what to do next, not only based on BCT's 20+ years of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion, but also from what he's heard and learned from the thousands of people with whom he has facilitated dialogue since George Floyd’s tragic murder. ABOUT BCT PARTNERS BCT Partners is a national, multi-disciplinary consulting firm that delivers a full range of research, consulting, training, technology, and analytics services. Our mission is to provide insights about diverse people that lead to equity. BCT works with government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and foundations, and is one of the leading firms in the country with expertise in the following markets: housing and community development, economic development, workforce development, children and families, health, education, and diversity & inclusion. BCT has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, Manage HR Magazine as a Top 10 Company for Diversity & Inclusion, CIO Techie as one of the Most Trusted Government Technology Firms, and the Black Enterprise BE 100 list as one of the nation’s largest African American-owned businesses. Learn more at: and
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