Employee Resource Groups

Benefits of employee resource groups to your organization

In addition to identifying talent from historically underrepresented groups, employee resource groups are a great way to support and develop those individuals. Additionally, these groups also provide a mechanism for innovative, community-based solutions and client-agency partnerships.

Helping organizations stay connected to the diverse voices and perspectives of the employees will yield positive results and creative innovations for supporting a successful workplace environment – which will in turn benefit your organization.

Resource Group Uses

It was not long ago that employee networks were loosely organized social organizations made up of people from a similar, underrepresented demographic group. 

Today, these groups usually have the word “resource” in their names because they are significant resources to their organization’s mission and goals, contributing to recruitment, engagement, retention, talent development, and the development of supplier diversity. In a recent survey conducted by Diversity Inc., here are areas where Employee Resource Groups can contribute:

Sales & Marketing

Employee Resource Groups have been proven to increase retention, employee satisfaction, and attract unique talent.