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Creating inclusive cultures where everyone belongs and can thrive.

Welcome to Venn Diagram Partners, LLC


Why We Do What We Do?


Our Why

Venn Diagram Partners believes that every person has a need to feel valued, seen, and heard in their organizations, with the ability to equitably excel and advance their careers. We believe that companies can succeed in their mission by enhancing a DEIB focus across all departments.This is why we seek to collaborate with companies to build inclusive cultures led by human-centric leaders who desire to inspire others to invest their talents in doing their best work.

Our Commitment

Blurred Business People


Venn Diagram Partners believes you achieve lasting change when there is a diverse population, and a true equitable and inclusive environment.

We focus on providing strategies that will result in every employee having those same opportunities to develop as well as feel empowered and supported.

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Our Primary Goals

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Assist in creating a collaborative environment. Empower employees’ fullest potential.
Coach leadership in inclusion and belonging.

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We expect our clients to participate in our intentional and thoughtful process that seeks to understand specific needs and individual backgrounds, and where people feel like they can belong, authentically.


At Venn Diagram Partners, we are working toward a society where everyone can feel like they belong and belong authentically at scale.


Identify, develop, and promote scalable strategies for corporate engagement to better society by advancing racial equity, social justice, and improving equity for all.

In Our
Own Words

In our own words


Lt Colonel Hise Gibson (Ret.)

“Actionable coaching”

Your message truly resonated with our Cadets at United States Military Academy. You provided actionable coaching that our future leaders can leverage now.”



Former senior U.S. military officer who is an experienced high-impact adept leader with a demonstrated history of working in high-performing large and small organizations. Skilled in Leading technically focused teams, Operations Management, Human Capital Development, and achieving results. Strong strategic, operations, risk management, and leadership professional with a Doctor of Business Administration focused in Technology and Operations Management (TOM) from the Harvard Business School.

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